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Wednesday, 17 September 2014 05:00


Return of the Blessed Virgin to Nazareth.


Jesus came down with them to Nazareth,

and was obedient to them, Luk. 2:51.


Can ever be a sight more worthy of the looks of the heavenly court, as the little house of Nazareth? There, Jesus, Mary and Joseph are constantly engaged at work! Mary was poor; so it was necessary that Joseph should exercise the profession he had learned in his youth, to provide for Mary and also for her divine Son. Soon as Jesus could, he helped in the arduous work which he was forced to engage, and often this God-man mingled his sweats to those of his foster father.

Jesus fulfills towards his parents all the duties that are imposed on children with such an accuracy and fervor that should serve as a model to us all. So, He loves them, He respects them, He obeys them, He helps them, according to his little strength. Jesus did not stand out from children of his age, except by the perfection He puts into everything He does. His docility and submission have no equal. His ears were always open to receive lessons and commands of His most holy Mother; His eyes were always fixed on her to guess until her slightest wish, and execute her will.

Mary lived quietly inside her house; household care occupied her time entirely. She served Jesus and Joseph, and she did it with the biggest ardor, because her heart was burning with the biggest love. Let us worship Jesus reduced to the status of a worker... let us praise Joseph of having had to work for his God... Let us praise Marie for having so faithfully imitated in all things Jesus, who has given the world so perfect examples.



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Written by Fr. Osvaldo Briones   
Tuesday, 09 September 2014 11:50


Journey of the Blessed Virgin to Jerusalem.

My son, why have you done this to us?

your father and I were looking

for you anxiously. Luke. 2, 48.


When Holy Family went, according to custom, to celebrate the Passover in Jerusalem, Jesus was twelve years old. When the days of the solemnity had being passed, Mary and Joseph returned, and the child Jesus tarried behind in Jerusalem, without his parents noticed his absence. They walked for a day in the belief that he was with the people who accompanied them. At night, they sought him among their relatives and friends; not finding him, they returned to Jerusalem. And the third day they found him sitting among the Doctors of the Law, listening to them and asking them questions. All who heard him were astonished at the wisdom of his answers. Seeing this, his parents were in admiration, and his mother said unto him: My son, why have you done this to us? behold, your father and I were looking for you in pain. He told them: Why were you looking for me? Do you not know that I must be about my father's business?

Oh! who could tell the pain in which was plunged our august Mother, when she thought she had lost the loving Jesus? who could tell her tears and lamentations? A mother mourning her only son, who came to her after a long barrenness, is always inconsolable, and many times she soon follows among the dead, the cherished subject of her pain. How big was the desolation of Mary when she lived apart, for three days, of her adorable son; without whom there could not be for this holy mother a moment of peace or happiness. Let us sympathize with the pain of the Blessed Virgin, and let us give her a formal assurance of our unchangeable love.


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Tuesday, 02 September 2014 05:55


Flight of the Blessed Virgin into Egypt.


An angel of the Lord appeared in a dream to

Joseph, saying: Arise, take the Child

and his mother, and flee into Egypt (Matt. 2: 13).

Jesus was soon forgotten on earth. In vain the prophets had announced Him for forty centuries. In vain the most brilliant prodigies had shown His birth to the children of Israel. In vain in His circumcision he took a symbolic name (Jesus: salvation from God) so related with the duties He came to perform on earth. Only a few days have passed and already they no longer talk about Him. Nobody thinks of Him anymore.

Could I be wrong about Him? Herod thought about Jesus. The Magi came to Jerusalem to announce that the Messiah was born. The king of this city leaped on his throne, he told the Magi to go and learn exactly the place where the Child was born. Is it maybe to go himself to make this God-made-​​man the homage due to Him? No, it's to kill Him. But the time of the Savior was not yet come. The Almighty easily baffled all maneuvers of Herod. He sent the Magi a mysterious dream, and His angel told Joseph to leave into Egypt with the Child and his Mother...

Let us follow these august expatriated in their arduous journeys. How Mary's heart had to suffer, seeing her divine Child exposed to all the hardships, all the rigors of the season, in a desert, during those cold and rainy nights! What punishment for them to find shelter finally in a foreign land! Mary, however, has willingly accepted this new trial with the blindest submission: let us admire our Mother, and ask her to share her abundant virtues.

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