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Prophesy of Simeon.



Simeon said to Mary: Your very soul will be

pierced by a sword of sorrow. Luke. II, 35.


There was a man in Jerusalem named Simeon. This man was righteous, God-fearing and waiting for the consolation of Israel. The Holy Spirit had told him he would not see death before he had seen the Lord's Christ. He came, led by the Holy Spirit into the temple at the moment when Joseph and Mary brought baby-Jesus there to present Him to the Lord, according to the Law of Moses, and be blessed by the hands of the High-Priest. The holy man, recognizing under the features of a child his God that his faith makes see Him, receives Him in his arms, pressed Him against his heart with the outpouring of the holiest love and deepest gratitude; then, raising his eyes to heaven said: «Now, Lord, he says, you let your servant die in peace, according to your word because my eyes have seen the Savior of Israel.»

The Father and the Mother of Jesus were amazed at what they had heard. Simeon blessed them and said to Mary: «O august and incomparable Virgin! Know that a sword of sorrow will pierce your heart, and that Child, who is now the source of so much joy, one day will cause you bitter tears. You will see Him, this dear Child, persecuted, abused, condemned; He will become the toy and contempt of all men; He will die on a cross, and it will be happening before your eyes. »



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Tuesday, 12 August 2014 16:11


Purification of the Most Blessed Virgin.

And when the day came for them to be purified

in keeping with the Law of Moses, they took him up

to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord



According to the Mosaic Law, it was forbidden for women of Judah to appear in public during the forty days following their childbirth. This term expired, they had to present themselves to the temple, dedicate their child to God, if it was a first-born son; then it was commanded to purify themselves of stains they could have contracted.

Of all these laws, there is any that regarded Mary? First, Moses spoke only about ordinary women; but Mary is the wife of the Holy Spirit. Second, Moses commanded purification for those who had been soiled in any way; but Mary, ever virgin, always pure, always immaculate, only became Mother by the power of the Holy Spirit, and with ever-increasing holiness. Moses has commanded the offering of a lamb or two doves to mothers who want to redeem their children; but Mary does not intend to redeem her Son; on the contrary, she really and truly wants to dedicate Him to the Lord. In this law, there is nothing regarding at the most holy Mother of God. Nevertheless she submits herself to it with perfect obedience. The Queen of virgins then goes to purify herself to the temple; the Mother of God, to whom belong the heavens and the earth, the Mother of God the author of all goods and all gifts, redeems her Son through the offering of the poor.

But Blessed Virgin, did you not see that you would be considered like a low and ordinary woman? That Jesus will be considered the son of Joseph? That your conduct will prevent to recognize the Messiah foretold by the prophets? Mary knew all this, but Mary loves humility and obedience. God has not told her to submit reasons to exempt herself from the law; she remains silent and submits herself. O what a fine example for us! How worthy was she of bearing the Son who had to be obedient until death, and death on a cross!


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Sir 24:14

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